6 Responses to “Archives”

  1. Michael Rightford said

    please provide password for sasapper website. Many thanks. mikerightford@xtra.co.nz

  2. Geoffrey said

    Thank you for this, I gives me insight into my fathers time in the bush. He has never really wanted to talk about it. All I know is he spent 9 years in the sappers the last three of which was on the boats on and around Kariba.

  3. Martin Theunissen said

    Hi Mark, I’ve tried registering on the SA Sapper website, but for some reason, it’s not going through.

    I’m a retired captain from the SA Engineers Corps, and would like to keep in touch with other sappers. I have lived in the UK since 2001.

    My email address :


    Best regards

    Martin Theunissen

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