I Am Not Old

October 16, 2010

I am not old…..I am 55.

You will however notice that from here on I am going to be cautious when quoting dates unless I am fairly sure when something took place and even then I will probably only quote the year.  When I do there will always be the caveat that I could be mistaken and I would really appreciate input from individuals noting errors or things I have forgotten.  Bear in mind I did not keep a diary, neither do I have access to files or other records to assist me.

In reality why are exact dates important in this context anyway?  The simple answer is they are not.  The residue of these recollections remains the same whether they are dated or not.

I will however always remain truthful and accurate in my ramblings as without the characteristics of honesty and integrity this whole effort equals nothing and would be a disrespect to the brave men and women who never went home.

For those of you with the privilege of having historical data at your disposal and photogenic brains, I look forward to your constructive input…….and thank you in advance.

Those who wish to merely gloat and critisise with their brilliance……I suggest you stay away as you may find yourself the subject of a subsequent installment.  Remember……I might just know you.

Below is a photo of my best friend Yogi…..gone forever……..the date of her passing is not remembered…..but her love and companionship will never be forgotten.





7 Responses to “I Am Not Old”

  1. Jennifer Upton said

    Bless her … and all our animal friends, while they really do love a person, doesn’t matter what age that person is; in truth it is really only humans who persecute the elderly…from whom we can all learn so much.
    On which note, FF, I will now park my zimmer frame.

    Well said…

  2. Sue Steyn said

    Dearest Yogi……sister to my old beloved Boytjie. How I miss those 2 wonderful friends, Boytjie got me through some of the worst times in my life..RIP my beloved boy

  3. Michaelvan said

    She looks like a real character

  4. David Mayo said

    When I saw your picture of your exceptional companion Yogi, I was reminded of my Blue Heeler, Isaiah, missed always as a best friend. I like your blog. Thank you.

  5. fatfox9 said

    My Best Friend……still miss her so much after all the years David

  6. Jennifer Upton said

    David meet my friend Fatfox, Mark meet David. Both exceptional people in your own way, however something we all have in common is our love and loyalty to our animal friends.
    I really appreciate your Blogs…Fatfox..you are a pretty remarkable person.

    Best regards Jennifer

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