A Change Of Pace……..

August 3, 2012

I know it is a long time since you have all heard from me and for those of you that follow me loyally I apologise.  No lame excuses like I have been too busy or found no time either.

The main reason is that I have lost my way a little.  I mentioned way back at the beginning of this blog that I never kept a diary, and thus I have nothing but my aging memory to work with.  I remember events quite clearly but find it hard to place them in a reasonably accurate  time in space.  I was concerned that this would in some ways impact what I was trying to achieve with my blog.

Having thought about this for some time I concluded that it is the detail within the event that is important here and not necessarily when it happened, so from here onwards I will be recalling my memories as they come to me and they will not be strictly in order of occurence.  I will continue to do my best to date entries as accurately as I can though. 

I hope you all agree with this and continue to follow my ramblings. 

My very best regards to you all.