A Change Of Pace……..

August 3, 2012

I know it is a long time since you have all heard from me and for those of you that follow me loyally I apologise.  No lame excuses like I have been too busy or found no time either.

The main reason is that I have lost my way a little.  I mentioned way back at the beginning of this blog that I never kept a diary, and thus I have nothing but my aging memory to work with.  I remember events quite clearly but find it hard to place them in a reasonably accurate  time in space.  I was concerned that this would in some ways impact what I was trying to achieve with my blog.

Having thought about this for some time I concluded that it is the detail within the event that is important here and not necessarily when it happened, so from here onwards I will be recalling my memories as they come to me and they will not be strictly in order of occurence.  I will continue to do my best to date entries as accurately as I can though. 

I hope you all agree with this and continue to follow my ramblings. 

My very best regards to you all.



10 Responses to “A Change Of Pace……..”

  1. Michael van said

    Not a Problem Mark. I am looking forward to read about those Ramblings.

  2. Eeben said

    I too am looking forward to your recollection, Mark.



  3. Gareth said

    Look forward to more Mark – my Dad was in PATU right up till the end and I am keen to learn as much as possible about what went on as he won’t talk about it

    • fatfox9 said

      Thanks Gareth. Really going to make an effort to write more soon. I knew a fair amount of PATU blokes and they were all good chaps doing a fine job. You can be proud of him.

      • Gareth said

        Thanks for your reply Mark, it came as a very pleasant surprise. I am very proud of Dad and indeed of all you guys for what you did and all that you sacrificed. It would be nice if he would share some of his experiences as not much is published about the unit although I know from what my mother has said that he saw some pretty horrific stuff so I can understand his reticence. I do know he survived a landmine blast with only a broken collar bone.

      • Mark Craig said

        Anyone who survives a mine is a good bloke in my book!

      • Gareth said

        by all accounts he fared better than the gook who was in the back of the vehicle with him!

      • Mark Craig said


  4. don said

    H i Mark glad you are back again , stay well.

  5. fatfox9 said

    Thanks Don…..glad you are still travelling with me.

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