On The Boats: Personal Account By Basil Preston

April 10, 2015

Another Personal Account, this time from Basil Preston.

“Hi Mark, our intake 132, also did some boat training at Deka Drum (November 1973????). Betty was the bar lady and after much drinking etc, Terry Bowers (the rugby player) would call out, “Betty, you beauty” and she would dish out a fresh round of drinks. Once every one was happy, the guys then decided to swim across the Deka river, possibly near the place where Hannes Botha had his mishap. Those Sappers who were not too sozzled stood guard against any crock attacking the swimmers…but thankfully no crocks were involved; only silly and happy innocent Sappers. Keep up the good writing. Basil.”

Not too sure about the innocent Sappers.

Thanks Basil and keep the recollections coming.

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