A Diversion……For A Brother.

February 9, 2015

Forgive the intrusion on my recollections but some things tear at the strings of my heart……this is one of them.

I have not done this before but feel the urge to be with this Brother.  Please read the words well and if you could see this Brother on his way to the Squadron In The Sky please go and stand by his Son and Daughter as they bid him farewell.  After all we will all meet him there one day.

This is an appeal for an old soldier. An Army Commando.

This is Albert “Jim” Howard. Jim was landed on Sword Beach by a Torpedo boat that picked him out the water after his troop ship hit a mine. 250 of the 1000 troops on board were killed and Jim was blown over board by the explosion.

After his unit regrouped they spent most of their time behind German lines doing reconnaissance work and disrupting the enemy. At one point Jim was separated from his unit so rested up the night in a shed. When he woke he found he was in the middle of a German unit, so he sneaked out and jumped into a German truck and drove it back to his own lines.

Jim was sited for an award after he singled handed took out a German machine gun during an ambush but the report was never sent as the officer was killed in action.

Sadly Jim passed away on Feb 1st 2015 at the age of 92. The only family he has is a son and daughter. I’m making this appeal for anyone to come and send this hero off. His funeral is on Feb 20th at 1400 and taking place in the Parish Church in Combe Martin in North Devon.

Can I also ask people to share this post and share the word about this lovely man


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