It’s A Long Way To Mukumbura

May 24, 2013

For those of you who were there………


Above is the Road To Mukumbura (thanks to Damianinafrica)…….I will be writing about this journey shortly.

10 Responses to “It’s A Long Way To Mukumbura”

  1. Michaelvan said

    Cant wait for the next story

  2. Peter Hirst BSAP said

    Did you by and change know a Corporal Bing? He was with the engineers in Centenary in 1973. I have wondered what happened to him.

  3. David Rodgers ( nick named Charlie) said

    Hi I have spoken before. I was not part of the Rhodesian Army but as a British Army Warrant Officer I was with BMATT 3 And helped organise the Scool of Signals in Bulawayo after the war I had the pleasure of becoming friends of 3 members of the Engineers, Maj Pat Gericke, Wo2 John Garriock and Wo2 Blackie Swartz, great people and friends I know Pat Gericke was flown out of the country by South African Firces but know nothing of what became of the other 2. This is a great blog to read and look forward to more, thanks Charlie Rodgers

    • fatfox9 said

      HI David. Thanks for dropping by again and I do appreciate the kind words. I left in 1980 for the SA Army and never worked much with BMATT, however have good memories of working with the Monitoring Force that came over in 79 if my memory serves me correctly. I am still in contact with Pat Gericke (lives in Ireland), dont know where John is – Blackie not sure either. Stay safe and please continue the journey with me.

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