July 18, 2017

I would like to apologise to all my loyal followers for the shoddy way in which I have neglected to write for you over the past year.  I know that time is always used as an excuse and although this was a contributing factor for my absence, travel to dodgy countries, changing work circumstances and business commitments have also played a role.  I won’t mention writers block but it does exist, believe me.  I am more settled and focused now and will make every effort to continue the journey with you.  I hope you continue to walk beside me.

2 Responses to “Apologies”

  1. Wilson said

    I am fascinated by your posts, hard truth and exciting to read. When I compare with the fiction some people try to write about our country’s war history I feel let down. You left me in suspense with the promise of another article which I have not seen.

    • fatfox9 said

      Good Day Wilson…….thanks for your kind comments. Time is simply not on my side right now and I know I owe you all another installment. I will do my very best to get something out this month. Hang in there please.

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